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Geared for Growth is the sensational new book by Jim Dornan and John Maxwell. In this book, these two legends have compiled, defined and shown practical ways to implement in your life, a list of the top ten qualities that help leaders reach their potential. Geared For GrowthWithout a doubt you will love John's world class teaching ability and Jim's worldwide illustrations garnered through decades of experience living out these principles.

The Limited Special Edition of Geared for Growth is a true keepsake. Each book is individually numbered and autographed by John Maxwell and includes a DVD from Jim Dornan and John outlining just where your donation will go. The Special Edition will be a welcome addition to any bookshelf. Most importantly however, your $250 USD donation to Network of Caring for this Special Edition book is truly that, a donation to Network of Caring. From helping to provide wheelchairs to the neediest of the needy to feeding thousands of children a year, Network of Caring is dedicated to fulfilling Jim and Nancy Dornan's vision of helping others to see and be a part of fulfilling the needs of so many around the world.

Quantities are limited so be sure to donate and reserve your autographed Special Edition copy of Geared for Growth today!

Thank you for making a difference in so many lives.

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